Discord RECAP Nov14-21

i will try to recap the events from satureday nov14 4pm UTC to Sunday 8 pm UTC and include all the info i was able to witness or gather.

  • after the discussion with DNS (recap: see above) DNS got banned from discord due to report or discord algorithm. they weren’t banned from the server by the mods. bc of that they couldnt come to the voice chat catchup that the hen community discord set up. they did a twitter space instead. - the catch up meeting happened on this discord. transcript: Transcript from the Community Meeting on Discord - Nov 13 - @UFFFD had contact to rafael lima and rafael agreed to lower the fees for the hicetnunc smartcontract to 1%. (potentially tries even sub 1%, 0 is not possible) - this is broadly received with the following implications: rafael is not trying to “kill” hen, he is not trying to set up the contract in a way that trading on any hen instances is impossible, rafael is willing to do “something” he is not unreachable but clearly he is not interested in working actively on any instance atm.
  • DNS (AKA shokuin on discord and this forum) handed over the domain hicetnunc.art to @Manitcor who is the binding bridge between the two parties (DNS and hen-community) because they provide the indexer for both hen instances and worked both with hicetnunc and DNS (see: Hi, I'm Joe, founder of Integro Labs and TezTools, I will be your custodian for this journey)
  • DNS seems to be willing to (potentially) cooperate still with dev power and knowledge, but not to the extend they planned. - so it looks like we could be able to keep the site itself running without the need to “fork”
  • we dont know about the original domain yet though (rafael has it)
  • the big topic now is: what is the IP situation here: should we keep the original name/domain or rebrand?