Discord RECAP Nov15-21

tying to summarize the main events on discord on Sunday, 15th Nov 2021 (8 am to 8 am Mon UTC) as far as i can collect info

  • the first feature from the hicathon that can be implemented without changing the code is the collaboration contract. it is ready to be implemented, manticor just needs the go from the community - if implemented the owners of the current mirrors need to adjust their site a bit and it can be used.
    see recap: Discord

further info:

more detailed write ups about the contract: hicathon docs | WG 3.2: Sales Improvement - Split sales and royalties

This is a link to all the WG docs https://docs.hicathon.xyz/

  • the discussions on reducing the number of exact hen copies have started, but many want to wait on rafael limas decision on if he wants us to carry on with the name hicetnunc or if we should rebrand (find the discussion in :hatching_chick:naming-branding-logo )

  • there is a lot of discussion about having different hens around one hen core - we saw that hic.af is developing their own spin to hen, others will surely do the same, poentially benefical to all. read chat after this point: Discord

  • @Manitcor who is keeping hens infrastructure alive at the moment, could use some funds to keep up the status quo and also adding servers/infra. there will be a donation wallet, we need to see how money will get in there Discord)

  • @ThePointsDai , co-founder of the music nft platform OneOf.com came forward and offered their support with money (no strings attached, donation) and with infrastructure.
    see also @manticors statement on that: Discord

  • plans on holding a event have started, to show everyone that hen is alive and well. see :date:events-planning @ThePointsDai offered to collaborate with this. more tba

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