Discord RECAP Nov16-21

general recap of what happened on this discord from mon, nov15 8 am utc to tue nov16 8 am utc

  • it seems we have a period of sorting out working groups and projects at the moment:

    • in #:fist:core-values-philosophy a group of members started to form an “archive” working group to document media and timelines of the communities history
    • in #:date:events-planning initiated by @ThePointsDai#7164 people started planning to help curating hen objkts for an exibition around Art Basel miami (recap: Discord)
    • in #:hatching_chick:naming-branding-logo there is a lot of brainstorming going on, people are starting to save potential domains etc, also @ODD JOBS#5077 , @p1xelfool#0001 are offering the community to host a workshop on branding (Discord)
    • in #:coffee:pr-communication a press team is slowly forming to improve the communication to outside of discord. also @ThePointsDai#7164 offered to help with pr: Discord)
  • general discussions around how to bridge the period before we have a fully formed DAO but need decisions to move forward (i.e. Discord and Discord)

  • intertwined with this is the question when and exactly to implement the collab contract (summary see above) as it would change the “original” hicetnunc wich was agreed upon would only happens if the community has formed consensus. maybe via hen vote (?) rafael seems to be in touch with @Manitcor#8223 and willing to oversee pull requests which would help with the legitimacy of the changes to hicetnunc as is(Discord)