Discord RECAP Nov17-21

Recap of the main news/talking points on this discord between tue nov16, 9am UTC and wed nov17 9 am UTC as far as i could collect info

  • we have a definite answer from rafael on the “hicetnunc” name/domain/logo: he wants it to discontinue. (Discord)
    That means we at least have to decide on a new domain. the consensus seems to be that a re-branding is needed, though there are some pretty clear voices against it. Abbreviations of the name, such as hen, hxn, hic, nunc seem to be acceptable (Discord). Discussions are happening on :fish_cake:naming-branding-logo

  • violet forest, one of the core admins of the old hicetnunc server and a close partner to rafael, minted a statement in which she told her side of the story of why rafael discontinued hicetnunc. This letter was cited and talked about a lot for the rest of the day and played into the rebranding discussion. Of course it was received controversially in the community (OBJKT#538407, IPFS: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWpZMDsky33jqiDVG7ptjw269uKRhCEKGHofKtjjnoyXS/)

  • there was another discussion on how to ensure the assets minted on hen will stay (decentralised) pinned on IPFS in order to not get lost. This topic comes up regularly and it seems like a permanent/safe/transparent solution and communication is needed. a lot of parties offered help around this topic: @Manitcor mentioned an offer to help by KUKAI wallet (Discord), @ThePointsDai offered help via negotiating with filecoin (Discord) too and @shokunin offered help with it too
    (discussion starts about here: Discord)

  • lately there has been a lot of controversy around the old hicetnunc server (hicetnunc.xyz). to clarify: this server here (the hen_community) was founded by independent hicetnunc community members to have a space to work on a platform for the community of hic et nunc after the discontinuation of the platform. the old discord is still up and running but not working on a continuation of hicetnunc. (FD some of the admins here were/are also involved in the old hicetnunc discord but it was founded independently)

  • the discord structure/channels were updated by team member @Dharmi and admin @EggsofUnknowFox trying to make this discord better organised. admins are open to any kind of feedback

  • in :love_letter:polls there is a vote on the next catchup meeting, we are also looking for volunteer moderators, these meetings are planned to be rotating and hosted by rotating representatives @elikeito is coordinating this. please have a read on this on the community forum:
    Community Meeting 2

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