Discord RECAP Nov18-21

recap of some of the discussions on this discord (hen-comunity) between nov17 9am UTC to nov18 5pm UTC

  • a talking point that has been raised multiple times lately is: how are we voting before we have a DAO? we got varied options already: twitter/discord polls (not that secure/open/accesible) or the already established henvote system wich uses hen wallets to vote on the blockchain … ? (https://www.henvote.xyz/)

  • the discussion on potential names for the rebranding/fork are still going, but it feels like we are seeing more and more movement towards the vote. according to @denscimonk#4770 we can only put around 8 options into the henvote system - the question is how do we narrow down the list?

    • a voting test to get a general idea of the popularities of the names has been set up in a thread in #:fish_cake:naming-branding-logo Discord
      another approach is done by @gatinhochan#8455 via a voting form (to share outside of discord ie) https://star.vote/2nd4hx16/
      (note that these are no offical voting processes but rather firs general tests/evaluations)
  • also people are starting to think about how to organise the roadmap: what should we do first? whats the next steps? (i.e. see here: Discord)

  • the curation of the art basel nft show, where oneof.com through @ThePointsDai#7164 and @anikojb#8070 offered exibition space to the community, was started via a google form which reached an application limit fairly soon (Discord), (pls note: https://twitter.com/hen_community/status/1461288915348897800?s=20)

  • it is up for some time but we have a new channel: #:shinto_shrine:hen-edu were people discuss how the culture around hicetnunc can be brought into the educational system (we have a handful of professors here i.e.) and for discussions around education and this community in general.

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