Educational Purpose

When went offline i saw a lot of confusion and misunderstandings over Twitter. Some artists was desperate that their works were deleted or something among those lines.
A lot of them were also suspicious on the speed that DNS and Teztools rolled out a working mirror.

Platforms as big as Hicetnunc works as a bridge for artists and collectors to enter the Web3/Crypto space and, IMHO, should also help with simple education.

I just want to start this discussion, i don’t know how that could be done, but a few pages explaining how the website is simply a front-end and all NFTs are safe in cases similar to the one we had, a little on IPFS… This could help a lot.

What do you guys think?


I agree. The priority is to keep the community united and alive. Some guidelines can help to give directions.

we try to get some pr and outside communication going via this forum, twitter (@hen_community) and translated writeups and announcements

as a little addition,
this is a very cool, accesible thread by odd jobs that explains the situation in a pretty positive and upbeat way