Galleries Submissions

As galleries are not an decentralized feature yet we’d like to discuss with the community a process where we could collaboratively define an “editorial”. There were some opportunities where independent efforts events took place, as objkt4objkt, hiceturco even physical expos, as the one in Frankfurt, and it would be interesting to plan those and support some of them, as we’re open for experiments with NFTs in different contexts.

Galleries which intends to present computational tools/creative processes provoking critical thinking/radical imaginaries are welcomed to compose such section.

As an example of the Tibum Residency we should consider an open call process, as well assisting initiatives which has an innovative potential or which comes from emerging economies as a means to provoke decentralization.

Featuring such galleries does not imply that it was created by hicetnunc2000lab, rather being community initiatives that have found convergence. It’s wanted from such projects though to produce original content for social medias in collaboration to hicetnunc2000lab to rise awareness.


Hi Rafael,
basically, we have questions to figure out as:

  • Who will be able to create a gallery
  • Who can add/remove the OBJKT there
  • Do we want to curate the gallery or anyone is allowed to add there

What I think we can exclude:

  • One random user shouldn’t be able to create a gallery
  • One “valuable” user shouldn’t be able create a gallery also (exceptions?)
  • Prolly users shouldn’t be able to add any OBJKT in the gallery without a curation mechanism. Not sure here, it can be just a gallery settings, which objects to allow there.

We can think in a direction:

  • Group of hDAO owners/proven users will be able to create and administrate a gallery. You should own some certain amount of hDAO to be in a group of gallery admins.
    Possible algorithm here: 2 users with 100 hDAO are allowed to create a gallery or 10 users with 20 hDAO each = 200 hDAO is total required. So, we are setting a total required hDAO, that users have to hold to create and administrate the gallery. In the same time, I don’t think, that only hDAO factor is fair, but we can use it for start.

  • Curators are ppl, that are allowing the OBJKTs to be displayed in the gallery.
    For both categories we can apply the user’s weight, similar way as we have on the Henvote tool.
    I’ve explained here:
    Verification on TzProfile + hDAO + certain NFT token

  • When users are minting their NFT, they can choose the gallery in which they want to be displayed.
    Group of curators will have their internal feed with these objects, where they can approve the objects to be displayed in the gallery. Object will be displayed in the gallery only if X curators with X weight will upvote it.
    Curators work should be compensated with the hDAO, ideally or even must have, to motivate people to work as a curator.
    That probably means, if you want to be added in the gallery, you have to pay a bit of hDAO. It can be totally free, if it will be an initiative to add your object from a curator.

Not sure, if curators curating globally or only in their gallery (both scenarios are possible?). Seems like it’s easier to have global curators of H=N, but galleries owners could just have other weight for sorting object’s position in the gallery. Algorithm for curator’s weight is needed also, I believe math factors are not enough here, since we are discussing about the art - human perception of things.

Galleries in the present system can be found in this repository. I would suggest submitting them as a commit with a link to a post presenting them – possibly here. There were a couple of events that also can be accessed through tags, which would be interest to attach into further events. Such process would help mapping them.


I was thinking, maybe instead of ‘galleries’ we can see them as projects (PROJKTs, maybe?). In this case, what can be a project? Initially, we can think of them as exhibitions that have also taken place in another space, for example, an exhibition on a metaverse or on a website, or the events with Twitter hashtags, in which there were HEN OBJKTs.

To submit a project, the person would have to fill up some information, for example:
-short description;
-list of people that were involved;
-hyperlink to the project or proof that the project happened;
-date that is/was on;
-list of OBJKTs;

Then, instead of curators, we will have people that would verify the data and set up the file that is needed to create the project on HEN. In this sense, I would suggest that the person who submits the project should pay a fee and the verifier would receive it.