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A little correction for the voting text:

Objkt.com offered to show Teia listing prices/swaps and asked us to show swaps done on Objkt.com in return.

It wasnt objktcom who asked to show their swaps as a condition to show our swaps, it was more like a idea that came up during the discussions with objktcom, therefore this sentence should be phrased like in the discussion discourse therad:

an option raised pretty early on our discord was to agree on showing each others swaps. this idea was brought to objktcom and they agreed that this would be a viable option. the main question is: what does the community think about this option? (s. i.e. Discord )

until the vote page UI is updated with the results here they are as a comment:

The voting results for the vote on the support of objktcom swaps by teia are in:

“Should Teia.art display listings/swaps done on Objkt.com as long as Objkt.com shows listings/swaps done on Teia.art?”

Yes → 275 Votes (93.5%)
No → 19 Votes (6.5%)

verify the count with this tally script: