Hi, I'm Joe, founder of Integro Labs and TezTools, I will be your custodian for this journey

please keep your tray tables stowed and your seat belts fastened…

What a crazy few days!

To catch people up, TezTools has been hosting H=Ns data services since August/September. Remember the index crashing before? I was brought in to address it and have been running it since.

Well when H=N’s founder decided it was time for a break I quickly set up alternate sites using the same index we were already running. I am a devoted H=N fan and I was also commissioned by artists and collectors to fix the index back in August. My commission? Keep H=N running so we can enjoy it! So that is what I did. Setting aside some drama of the last couple days as of now I am in control of the entire H=N stack save the contracts and have been charged with its care by the community while a proper DAO forms and a quorum can be reached on a number of key decisions.

In the mean time we will keep the lights on, UI will not change and we will only address bugs that are causing systems failures until we have a dao and a full dev team to support the operation.

Who am I?

I am a collector, a tezos fan, an engineer and a lover of all types of art. I have been developing and managing large computer and data systems for 25 years and started teztools with a goal of improving the ecosystems infrastructure and dapp landscape to make it more robust and ready for mainstream adoption. I also have a goal to make decentralized L2 infrastructure turn-key accessible ideally on modest hardware so anyone could run their own H=N or other experiences without worry of who runs the website or who can see the data (because its all your system!).

These goals aside my goals for H=N are to carry it forward into its new form. I will keep the site running and everyone can enjoy swapping with the now lowest fee in Tezos (ONLY 1%, thanks RAF!). What happens after that? Well its up to the community! Form a DAO, get consensus from a quorum and tell us where H=N should go, even if that is to another host or provider entirely (yes I will happily work myself out of a job if that is needed).

So what now?

Honestly I believe H=N may see its best moment this season, the community has an opportunity to form together and decide the future of H=N and help put it on a path that continues the open access and decentralized nature it has had since the earliest days. TezTools is here, keeping the site going, no surprises (except when those indexers get funny!) and things will only change when the DAO figures out what it wants.

I look forward to seeing what H=N becomes in the future and I am proud to currently be a part of that while hoping I can do more in the future!

For now, I will not be participating in any votes, I will provide information, advice and a wild idea from time to time but im here to support the community.

I am happy to take questions and concerns and I hope everyone is having a better weekend!


Thank you Manticor for explaining your position! HEN is community above all else so thank you :slight_smile: champion.


Thanks for all your efforts, been a wild few days.

Many thanks, Joseph!

Thank you so much for the amazing and heartwarming read! We’re surely heading to an amazing new chapter.

Thanks, Joe! This communication is very appreciated.