OBJKTSwap v2 recaptulation

There are some thoughts around the OBJKTSwap protocol that would be interesting to outline and discuss with the community?

On GitHub - hicetnunc2000/objkt-swap: Hic et Nunc smart contracts. FA2 multiassets: hDAO, OBJKTs, Marketplace, SUBJKTs and Unregistry. we have both versions of the contracts. The main difference between them is that collect operations are limited to a single edition per transaction, fees can be updated by the manager of the contract and one must fill informations such as royalties/creator, which must be fulfilled as specified on minting.

The first point is still open for discussions for us to have a future implementation which consider any fa2 pair for fungible tokens mostly. Being an infrastructural/architectural to have yet another migration. We’re currently focusing in setting some basic patterns/features that must be accessible for any user. As swaps between other FA2 tokens, history information about your transactions, other discovery modes, etc.

Fees might be updated and we might adopt other systems of distribution/collaboration (as an example of the split contract which could also allocate contributions for hic et nunc).