[Post-Hicathon Selection] WG 10.2 Apps and Tools for H=N

From prototype to reality.
It is time to select the working groups (WGs) which will run the post-hicathon and develop their project. If you consider the WG needs to keep working and we should all support it, please add your vote! Good to know:

  • Quorum if a minimum of 30 voters voted
  • if a WG doesn’t pass, it will be added to the waiting list of projects for a potential hicathon #2

WG 10.2 Apps and Tools for H=N
This group is run as a decentralized, hierarchy free “WAO” - Working Autonomous Organization - currently operating on 5 goals:

  1. Help Curate the Toolyverse
  2. Empower Diversity
  3. Create Quality Txtz, Apps and Tools. As an example hicdex by @marchingsquare is an independently developed indexer / query tool that now powers a lot of other tools and even H=N itself.
  4. Advocate with and for Devs
  5. Grow and Support the Community

:link: Read the project page