[Post-Hicathon Selection] WG 7.2b NFT Music platform

From prototype to reality.
It is time to select the working groups (WGs) which will run the post-hicathon and develop their project. If you consider the WG needs to keep working and we should all support it, please add your vote! Good to know:

  • Quorum if a minimum of 30 voters voted
  • if a WG doesn’t pass, it will be added to the waiting list of projects for a potential hicathon #2

WG 7.2b NFT Music platform
Makes it easy for music artist to mint and sell music with cover image, videos or interactive art. Simply input music and image, and the html and zip are created automatically. With shared contracts, music artist and visual artist will be able to formalise their collaboration here. For listeners, a music player with playlists, search capabilities and the option to give tiny payment/rewards to the artists while listening.
:link: Read the project page