Representation and diversity list and ideas

Hi everyone,

if you know a collective or group you feel appropriately and respectfully represent you on hicetnunc please share in this spreadsheet:

There is also a sheet for developers to share their information if they are wanting to network with each other as well as be involved in community led and informed projects.

Staying true to HEN values we are building an effective and completely collaborative solution to proper representation in the tezos NFT space :blue_heart:

This topic and the discord channel are both ways where you can let your voice be heard, all suggestions are taken seriously and are open to discussion.

Latest update:

Please note that individual nominations have been removed after some feedback and reworking: instead feel free to add pages of communities and collectives.

We are still staying true to why this list was created: to provide underrepresented communities and regions with the tools to spread accurate and important information from potential development teams to artists and collectors, and vice versa.

As well as this we are hoping this is a way we can represent everyone fairly at a decision making level.

Current working ideas we have for diverse decision making:

hDAO can be gifted to collectives on a group basis so communities have decisive share


I’ve written a draft letter, community please let me know if there’s anything that you feel should be changed or added:

Hello there,

The whole community from @hen_community have been nominating communities and collectives to potentially be involved in decision making roles when it comes to the general running of HEN, or whatever the community chooses to turn it into.

HEN has been pivotal in being a community built, community led beacon of decentralization and we are taking this very opportune moment to ensure the community does things right by making sure the decisions are made by an accurate cross-section of the HEN community.

Your collective/community have been nominated to be involved with this! We are still very much in the planning and organizing stages, but because this is entirely collaborative, it is ever-changing, however the core values will remain the same: making sure there is diversity in decision making roles for a wide range of communities and collectives.

We are also keenly aware that only people within communities and collectives will know which group is the best to represent them, so if you have any suggestions or would like to join in the conversation join us here: Discord or here Representation and diversity list and ideas

Many thanks,
The HEN Community


Thanks @esawxcore, these representations are essential for future of HEN.

I saw my name on hDAO community. Short bio - Felix, a die-hard fans of HEN, a collector who supports under represented artists, and a tech startup founder. I go by FLX on HEN.

Many friends are having in-depth discussion, research and proposals on Discord #dao channel, and some post under this thread. Feel free to chat with me on Discord or find me on Twitter @felixmxu.

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Thank you so much Felix for being so welcoming bringing all of us into the DAO discussion and being a great supporter of artists :heart:

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Hey all, just letting everyone know that contact is being made with collectives and communities you have shared on the spreadsheet, thank you so much to all contributors! A reminder that you are also able to send the letter out to your communities- please ensure that you mark those down who you have contacted as we don’t want to swamp people with messages :joy:

The spreadsheet is still able to be added to by all and we will keep contacting as it’s updated.

You’ll also find a link to the open letter as well as a Spanish translation by one of our community members.

Thanks everyone!


Hey everyone! Hope you are all keeping safe! Just a reminder that we are closing the spreadsheet at the end of this week, so ensure you add all the collectives you want to represent you before then :heart:

Why I can’t edit the spreadsheet??