Restricted OBJKTs

Due the constant presence of copyminters have been restricting reported accounts as those actions infringe our terms of services (read community guidelines WG 5.2). Restricted addresses get their OBJKTs frozen, not being able to trade through our UI, being only able to burn them through our UI.

Reports can be made through our discord channel in the #report-copymint section, through e-mails or posting an issue in the following repository hicetnunc-reports. Contesting those restrictions can be made through these very same channels. It’s important to notice that accidents/human errors are possible at this stage and we apologize for such cases. We ask users to direct such issues exclusively through those channels. Also it’s important for the community to verify their social media channels whenever it’s possible.

Due the fact that is a decentralized application, restricted OBJKTs are only superficially restricted meaning that they are still available through our APIs, and through on-chain data. Tools which allows accessing them without restriction nonetheless should be further developed to guarantee the liberty of users and for them to not be dependent exclusively on

Other report systems are being developed, allowing for OBJKTs to be reported through google forms for example but this doesn’t necessarily is more efficient than our current method. A decentralized solution would better allow us though to make such process transparent, which would be an interesting contribution to the web3 space the development of a tool for reports/contesting, as a trial on-chain. Incentives can be discussed in the development of such application, but I believe it should be focused on a specific domain, bootstrapping discussions related to processual/bureaucratic workflows.

edit. should contesting be ignored during this phase of development?

just made this wiki page