Voices of an art worker

Hello,everyone! I am Jack from china, an artist.I think hen is for art,not for money ,not for selfish.we need focus on art first.That’s why we’re all here.

Art is often difficult, and even more so for unknown artists.The tezos-based development of the hen project has given grassroots artists many opportunities to have some living income and rekindle the dream of art.

lima’s departure has left the community chaotic and noisy.At present, many people focus on hDAO to gain benefits. They focus on the cryptographic economic model.

There is nothing wrong with this from a human perspective, and the value of the hDAO belongs to all community contributors and participants.the cryptographic economic model is very important.

However, the first thing to be solved now is community unity, the establishment of DAO governance committee, so that hen can serve more people. Instead of, you know, carving up future community benefits. All hDAO allocation plans need to be put forward after the DAO governance committee is established. It’s not fair to insist on not leaving the community.

Before there is a scientific and reasonable governance plan, it is a kind of harm to the community to start thinking about re-minting hDAO. It is also a short-sighted behavior. Lima started Hen not for money, but for art, which is the basic understanding we need to stick to.

Most of the time, I like to keep quiet and listen to others’ opinions.But this time, as an ordinary member of the HEN community, I want to say something from my heart.For the community, and indeed for myself.

I want lima’s dream to continue, I want the artists to continue their dream, and I want hen to give them the opportunity to do so. Because of the dream of art, we are gathered together.

No one can be like an island, living alone in the sea. Each person is like a piece of clay that joins together to form a whole land mass.


Hi Jack! This is a great write up on your thoughts-would you like to present it for a poll at the Community Meeting 2 ? We could suggest a poll to slow things down and try to form a governance before moving forward on the rest.

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i would like to present it for a poll at the community meetings . But i don’t know how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We can fix that! I’ll make a doc for instructions :upside_down_face:

@Jackyang here is the agenda for saturday! Meeting 2 Agenda - Google Docs

thank you for the agenda

What is the exact time? There is time difference between China and abroad.

@jackyang 12 UTC is that ok for you?

Why would we care much about Rafael when he doesn’t care about us? IMO, hDAO was sold and promised as a governance token, it makes no sense talking about Rafa’s vision and, at the same time, governing the DAO without hDAO.

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it’s ok for me. utc 12am is beijing time 20pm

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Indeed, we don’t have to care about lima

First, Hen is the community, and Lima is a member of the community. He has the option of leaving.
Second, the HDAO is the hen community’s token, although it hasn’t really realized governance value yet. How the HDAO is used is up to the community, whether Lima is in the community or not.