[WG 10.2] Should we keep hicdex running?

10.2 Apps and Tools for H=N
This group is run as a decentralized, hierarchy free “WAO” - Working Autonomous Organization - currently operating on 5 goals:

  1. Help Curate the Toolyverse
  2. Empower Diversity
  3. Create Quality Txtz, Apps and Tools. As an example hicdex by @marchingsquare is an independently developed indexer / query tool that now powers a lot of other tools and even H=N itself.
  4. Advocate with and for Devs
  5. Grow and Support the Community

Should we keep hicdex running?
hicdex is an indexer and API (https://hicdex.com https://api.hicdex.com) for H=N objkts, subjkts, hdao, metadata. It has been a great success so far, adding a lot of value to the H=N ecosystem by allowing anyone, including the H=N frontend and backend, to query H=N data.
Tens of artists and developers rely on it for their websites, galleries, tools, artworks.
It is currently serving ~1 million requests per day, >10GB of data served to the H=N community every day: https://hicetnunc.xyz uses it / https://oncyber.io uses it to create 3D art galleries.

Many other projects use it to create new projects around H=N, new tools, explore new ideas. A few examples: Collection appraisal on Hic et Nunc | glry.xyz, https://hennycomb.glitch.me, https://www.objkt.bid, https://www.tezospirates.xyz, https://www.muralis.xyz, Artist Infos - Tezos NFTs, https://nftbiker.xyz/follow, https://hen.radio, https://hic.art and plenty of interactive objkts such as https://twitter.com/0x00000010/status/1408041186653347852

  • yes
  • no

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE

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I f the WG3.2 project is successful it would be cool to add the hicdex as a tip option. so there could be easy access to small contributions, and also a structure to do a hic et nunc supported event if needed where artists could split larger amounts of the sales.