[WG 10.2] Work towards 5 tutorials

10.2 Apps and Tools for H=N
This group is run as a decentralized, hierarchy free “WAO” - Working Autonomous Organization - currently operating on 5 goals:

  1. Help Curate the Toolyverse
  2. Empower Diversity
  3. Create Quality Txtz, Apps and Tools. As an example hicdex by @marchingsquare is an independently developed indexer / query tool that now powers a lot of other tools and even H=N itself.
  4. Advocate with and for Devs
  5. Grow and Support the Community

To help onboard H=N developers, should we commission, create and publish (a minimum of) 5 high quality tutorials within the next 3 months?

The H=N multiverse needs more (blockchain) developers. We will reach out to the community and ask current developers to write tutorials, both beginner level and advanced. Examples: “How to call a REST API for getting H=N information.”, “An introduction to SmartPy smart contract programming”, “Wallet transactions with LIGO”. Authors are free to choose topics and mediums and publish where they like (on their personal blogs, Medium, Youtube…).

We set a number of 5 tutorials within 3 months to have a concrete, achievable goal but are open to exceeding the number depending on the support and traction of this proposal.

To ensure quality we will ask authors to work with us and with proofreaders/editors, also from the community. We also will incentivize authors and proofreaders/editors with a microgrant.

  • yes
  • no

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE