[WG 3.2] Add extra-receivers addresses to the contract

WG 3.2 Splitting sales, collaboration made easy

Add extra-receivers addresses to the contract
We have a tip function ready that can (optionally) add certain addresses easily to the contract that would receive a small share of the split sales (1%, 5%, 10% or a custom amount).
Would there be interest to have an option of a linked list of addresses (in the UI) of foundations/devs/charities/ to browse through for V2.1? (This list could also be submitted to vote on using the tezos homebase at a later date.)

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE

Why should some organization / foundation / cause get a special place in the ui? Even if there was concensus on this proposal, you’d then need to have a vote for each entity. A community should have values and these can be drivers for organizing around certain issues or causes. It seems this can happen (technically) without trying to get concensus on a particular entity or cause.

I could be confused though.

@fraguada thanks for your feedback, you raised an interesting point.

Firstly I should explain that the tipping function will still allow the manual entry of one or more benefactors of your choosing (by copy/pasting their XTZ addresses), so the freedom to do so is still there.

Our goal here was to improve the UX of picking benefactors, by providing an easy-to-access list of common benefactors as voted by the community. Think of the whitelisting of tokens in DEXes.

Is the flexibility of adding your own benefactors enough, or are you still concerned about any bias introduced by the whitelist?

Yes, this sounds flexible enough, and yes, concerned about bias with the list.