[WG 3.2] Maximum of collaborators

WG 3.2 Splitting sales, collaboration made easy

Maximum of collaborators
At the moment the contract supports 10 (addresses) collaborators in total. It is possible to upgrade this to 20, 30 maybe even more. The only problem is knowing how many it can handle through testing. We would like to launch with 10 to make sure the contract function is robust.
However we would also like to know if there was any strong desire to upgrade this at a later stage to a higher amount, and what would be the most popular amount (within reason)?

less than 50
less than 100 (may not be realistic atm)
more than 100 (may not be realistic at any stage)

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE


I would like the contract to support a maximum of 10 for the moment and see how robust it is. Most projects can be satisfied with 10 and it would minimise the small chance that we clog up the blockchain with transactions.


Starting with 10 seems reasonable to start with and test the use cases. I’m really curious to see projects where 50 or more wallets are involved.

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10 already makes me really happy, it’s beyond my expectation to start with. If we think 30 -50 it creates a huge opportunity for big projects with profit share for everyone involved and this may put Hic way ahead of the game.