[WG 5.2] Is the CODE OF CONDUCT finished?

“WG 5.2 Value and core principles” is working on two documents:

  1. A manifesto that should put the spirit and core values of hic et nunc into words. this document is not supposed to formulate specific rules but rather a shared philosophy for the community.
  2. The other document is a code of conduct with specific rules for the community to guarantee a fair and enjoyable environment.

Both those documents were and still are collectively written open for editing to the whole community as a google doc. Note: This is not the final document but rather a proposal. we plan to hold an event where passages and more input can be discussed in detail with the whole community. at some point, the whole proposal will be translated and put up for a vote.

For the post-hicathon vote, we prepared the status quo of the documents. If you want to discuss specific points, feel free to drop by our discord channel, we are always happy about any kind of input/feedback. Please read those carefully and help us answer these questions:

CODE OF CONDUCT - Would you consider the CODE OF CONDUCT finished in its current state (except for editorial changes)?
Yes / No

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE

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