[WG 5.3] Google Form reporting system

WG 5.3 By the community for the community

To quickly address copyminting and other moderation concerns while a smart-contract solution is created, should a Google Form reporting system be integrated into the website?

  • YES
  • NO

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE

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Here’s a demo we put together to show how this would work:


The submissions would then be sent to a spreadsheet that moderators would have access to.


I believe that could definitely be a good solution.

Now, I’m trying to see how this could be abused also? Could potential copyminters send so many reports that it would be difficult to overlook? Just playing devil’s advocate here.

The manual way works, but is really dependent on the availability of the moderators.

This Is really helpful :heart:

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To be clear this would initially be an alternative to reporting by posting in the #copyminting channel and would still require moderators to process the list. The main benefit is making it visible and accessible to people who aren’t on Discord, and it could be a bit more organized to deal with vs a stream of vague Discord comments. We’d still keep the Discord channel too but maybe that could just be for discussing reports/cases.

It’s also a nice step towards automations, perhaps something like a one click ban.

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