[WG 5.3] Types of reporting-rewards

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► Should rewards be in the form of hDAO, tezos, or nonfinancial incentives (badges, tokens)

  • hDAO
  • Tezos
  • nonfinancial incentives (badges, tokens)

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What are we rewarding for?

These rewards would be for accurately reporting stolen works or malicious accounts with the new reporting system. So say you see a stolen work and report it, and it then ends up banned, should you get a small amount of tezos, hdao, or perhaps a new token to reward your participation in community moderation? This question addresses which form that payment would take, there’s another question addressing whether this payment should exist at all.

Gotcha, this maybe more appropriate in the other question forum but is there going to be a way to verify said issue? Say more than three people report the issue (copyminter lets say) then it would apply? I can see issues with abuse if you get something out of it. But I also see an incentive to reward honest reporters. Trust but verify type of system needs to be used.

This really needed to be a two part question, because one leads to the other.