[WG 5.4] Alternative DAO for testing

5.4 How to make decisions in a decentralized world

► Should we create a homebase DAO for testing?

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE

Worth noting that there is currently a homebase DAO (Tezos Homebase), so perhaps a related question is should we build upon that instance or create a new one? I found the project interesting. Perhaps the Homebase DAO could lead strictly financial decisions while H=N VOTE handles ethics, strategy, features. In general I think it’s great to have or at least try out more tools.

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@ufffd that was the plan! :slight_smile: id love to understand the basedao version exactly as a means of providing the top down management as opposed to the henvote tool which could be from the bottom up. Also what exactly could be the scope of each, limitations etc. However we then realized its best for the community to vote and focus our attention on that next (basedao) or version 0.2 of the current voting platform next. Thats why WG 5.4 has two questions. Im looking at both constantly to see what people vote on more.

Wasn’t homebase’s last attempt resulted in whole bunch of a headache? I remember the execute command didn’t flush all the proposals and votes got stuck, so honestly - i think this tools isn’t mature enough to work in a real production environment.

good to know @gonras ! maybe other people also have an opinion about this? Alot of people on the hdao telegram chat wanted the basedao to be tested and I would imagine reported on since some people are still in the dark including me about the issues concerning homebase in its current state.

I’m not sure who they expect to do the testing and reporting for them :stuck_out_tongue: Homebase is publicly accessible and has been for quite some time, they can log in and try it out, or refer to the conversations that happened in the #hdao channel on Discord some weeks or months back.

In whatever form, even as an infographic, documentation helps it was felt when trying to compare what was built with henvote.xyz and how that operates in current first version and comparing it to the homebase basedao solution. To see if we can fit both together, see how it works, limitations, features. inclusivity, benefit/liability. Its really a question on what is focused on next, basedao solution or version 2 of henvote.xyz. People who vote in favor of this would rather direct resources and our focus towards basedao instead of implementing version 2 of henvote.xyz. As we are limited in capacity of course :slight_smile:

I personally think that henvote.xyz it amazing, especially considering that it is version 1!

I am not sure, if it is worth exploring other solutions, unless they bring “huge time/cost savings”.

However, I don’t think there is a need (yet) for v2, maybe few minor imporvements here and there (separate questions have to be put through to gather feedback).