[WG 6.1] Independent or HEN-integrated DAO?

6.1 Metaverse and beyond

Should we form our own DAO for this project or join forces with Hic Et Nunc and incorporate HDAO?

  • own DAO
  • hDAO with hic et nunc

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE


What would be the advantages of using your own DAO?
I imagine a lot of people are eager to see more utility in hDAO, thus if crzy is on board with this, it’s a no brainer.
Seeing some pros and cons could be useful for voters.

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It would be cool to integrate voting with hdao but the vision for its tokenomics needs to be more transparent. How will it work within the marketplace, for example? We don’t know yet. So basing the voting tools on it seems a bit premature.

On another more general note…
I’m not knowledgeable enough about this, but how do you avoid “buying votes” if the hDAO token is openly traded on the markets?

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would be great to support the constitution of more DAOs in the ecosystem :)) one of the ways I was thinking of using hic et nunc/hDAO structure to stake on other DAOs/WAOs so we can create more token economics.


Let consider AMMs like uniswap, shushiswap, plenty (soon), etc. the governance tokens relate to the fee of the AMM, for example, 0.05% fee on sushiswap is shared for sushi holders by staking, 0.25% goes to liquidity providers.
According to data on sushiswap, everyday like 200mil$ volume trading on this platform and fee become huge and bring profit for sushi holders.

Now talk about HEN, it is nft marketplace and ppls trade nft vs xtz, not coins like AMM. Currently the fee on HEN is 2.5%. According data from Arronax | powerful crypto/blockchain data analytics for Tezos, Ethereum and Bitcoin
total 2.3mil XTZ has been traded since 01 Feb 2021. So the fee is like 57k XTZ, in around 6 months. This fund isn’t much for dev and paying for server of HEN.

Like AMM, ppls are incentive to trade on the platform, so they can earn fee and earn reward from incentive coins like sushi. How can we do the same on NFT marketplace platform?

Let think about some differences between AMM and NFT marketplace. Can we do the same as AMM?

HEN is nft marketplace and hdao is generated and distributed at the beginning to incentive artist and investor to the platform.
However, all supply of hdao already distributed in the first stage, now we dont have any hdao for dev fund, treasury, community fund for makerting, listing, etc.

Currently, there are few models of governance on NFT market place like rarible, … but there is nothing like HEN.

We can think a model that connect between hdao and NFT, like trading fee and DAO token on AMM. This is open and very valuable problem.
Another problem: How can incentive ppls trade nft on HEN? and connection between trading volume and hdao?

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yes, the metaverse DAO would be in parallel with HEN/hDAO in some way

We are discussing giving early developers and adopters a ”Talisman“ token to award their dedication and seniority on the project. The holders of certain tokens could have access to certain votes, or their votes could carry more influence ?

This would need to be trialed or role played in several ways until we can come up with a more automated and secure system to carry out decisions . ”buying votes“ goes against the ethos, similar to how we made the decision to not be able to ”buy parcels“ - everyone is given the same amount of space to create their planet.