[WG 7.2b] Music NFT event

7.2b NFT Music platform
Simply input music and image, and the HTML and zip are created automatically. With shared contracts, music artists and visual artists will be able to formalise their collaboration here.
For listeners, a music player with playlists, search capabilities and the option to give tiny payment/rewards to the artists while listening.

Should we organize an event inspired by objkt4objkt, but aimed specifically at music? The objective is to get more music artist minting, more listeners collecting and promote Hen.radio

  • yes
  • no

:link: Discuss it here and then go to vote: H=N VOTE


I really have enjoyed using hen.radio and hope to see it continue improving. The only real competition is radion.fm , which is amazing but has a somewhat centralized feel to it. There is a huge opportunity here. There is not a dedicated platform focused on Music nfts, with a simple sync/mint/swap UI.

love this idea. I’m in