[WG UI/UX] What we should improve and implement first?

WG UI/UX - United interface design group, aligned with pre-Hicathon contributors

► What we should improve and implement first?

We would like to understand the community priorities here, if we can’t implement all the features from the GitHub UI/UX list.

  • Galleries
  • Explore feature, header and menu
  • Minting page & unlockable content
  • Smaller improvements: history, tooltips, icons, fonts, margins
  • Audio player with WG7.2

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1 - subfolders/collections inside ‘creations’ page (for different styles of our creations, so that it can look much better imho)

Hey I agree that’s a great feature! For this proposal however we need to keep responses within the options offered. Please consider the five options proposed and then vote on your choice at H=N VOTE

Hi, thanks for sharing ideas.