CATCHUP MEETING 02 recap (20th NOV)

recap of the community catchup on nov 20th at 12pm UTC on this discord
find a full protocol by @acrwrs here: CommunityMeeting02_formerH=N_Nov20 - Google Docs

=== polling and Henvote (presented by @denscimonk) ===

the first talking point was about how to ensure a fair vote for the upcoming time before we have a DAO governance in place. luckily, we already have a system for on-chain voting developed during the hicathon: henvote. this system registers votes on the tezos blockchain and you can vote by signing with your tezos wallet.

however there are some things to consider:

  • currently there is an UI limit to how much option can be voted on (can be changed, currently max 8 options)

  • for the hicathon there was a voting weighting process in place were your vote gets stronger when you participated in the hicathon (we might want to get rid of that weight for our next votes)

  • you need to use a tez profile verification to take part. people in the audience pointed out that this set the barrier of entry higher since not everyone has a verification on their account and also it will probably favor artists because collectors are otherwise not as much incentivised to verify their profile

  • currently the idea is to have one vote per active hicathon wallet (meaning ative before the discontinuation) wich brought up the question of multiple votes - some artists/collectors have multiple mallets and could try to use that to get more votes than others.

there are other types of polling/voting: discord polls, twitter polls etc. these are not as secure and can only be used as surveys of sorts to get an idea of a general consensus

an interesting point raised was the idea to gamify the votes: offerening rewards for voting participation i.e. specially minted collectible NFT airdrops,

we need a better communication around all votes and polls: we should ALWAYS set an end date when setting up a poll/vote, with times communicated in UTC and if poissible also a time conversion to local time.

=== Namin & Branding (presented by @gatinhochan ) ===

we talked about how to move on with the renaming and rebranding. it got obvious that there are two key questions next to the question of the actual name: do we want to stay close to the hicetnunc name (i.e. derivatives like hen, hxn, hic, etc)?

  • a lot of people clearly stated that they wanted to make a clear start from 0 to avoid IP infringement or bad blood with rafael lima and also to make it clear to everyone that this is a new start.
  • others feared leaving all the branding behind completely could drive people away from the platform both in terms of usage and in terms of affection.

clearly both parties here have their reasonable arguments and the idea was proposed to vote on exactly that: fresh start with completely new name or a name thats still close to the original brand.

another question raised was question of the language of the name: a few people pointed out that keeping the name latin would be a good way to nod to the original brand without any IP infringement and also keeping the name “international” because latin is equal as dead everywhere on the planed (maybe exept for the vatican :wink: )

we discussed the timetable of the voting for the name: a good deadline seems to be the NFT art basel show on 1st of december because it will be our first feature at an art show and we could be represented with a new name (and even logo maybe). if we want to reach this goal we have 6 days left for the voting process, which would be approachable in a 3-4 tiered voting process 8wich we should start around 21st nov):

citing: Discord


0 round - 24h to decide, if we are keeping the HEN/HIC/HXC options (±Rafael IP) for other rounds or completely excluding.

1st round 2 days on Discord - all options available to vote

2nd round 3 days on Discord - shrinking list, to get top upvoted options

3rd final round 2-3 days on Henvote - about 8 options to get final decision

We will announce exact dates.


=== code repository (presented by @fraguada ) ===

we started a new community github

the idea is to have our own github repository that’s independent from the original hicetnunc one. github is a platform for organising software projects but can be also used for keeping documents around a community sorted. if you want to make yourself familiar with github, now would be a great time to take a look and see how it works.

the question is still open if we want to use github for community organistation or if we want to put discussions and documents that are not related to code in another place (i.e. the community forum)

=== Voices of an art worker (presented by @jackyang) ===

Jackyang came forward to share their insights and opinions on the future of our community. this is best summarized in their own forum entry on this topic. have a read here:

=== representatives (presented by @thebadlament)===

the working group around @esawxcore and @thebadlament is builing a list of representatives of all sorts of subgrous and subcomminities within our communities to get updates from taht groups and bringing in voices of said communities. the list is open and can always be amended. here is the spreadsheet:

as you can see, a lot of those proposed representatives/collectives have been contacted through twitter, for some we are still waiting for a response.

connected to this the idea of rotating discord admins. the current admins were chosen prgamatically during the first day after the discontinuation and many of them would love to hand their role to a rotating board of admins chosen by the community.

an idea was proposed that maybe the representatives could host twitter spaces for example to spread infos to their collectives/communities.

==== core values / identity discussion (presented by @merchantcoppola) ====

there have been a lot of discussions around “identity” and a “anti-western” sentiments some users have felt. a lot of ideas to help users from underprivileged countries to gain a stronger voice in the community have been proposed and there has been a pushback on those ideas by some community members. looking through the discussions on this discord, it appears to me to be mainly a communication issue.

since we started to formulate our values and visions during the hicathon (resulting in this manifesto proposal) one takeaway is that the vast majority of the community can agree on the following goals in general:

  1. we want to build our platform as an accessible and a safe place for each and everyone on this planet and

  2. we want to help people that are struggling with making their voice heard, their art seen, be it through political oppression, material struggle or a lack of educational opportunities.

These struggles are not limited to but exceptionally found in the global south. we also have to acknowledge that hicetnunc was founded in brazil and has a very strong userbase in underprivileged countries. some people from there fear that their voices would drown when there is not enough representation.

especially in internet and tech culture there is a problem of representation that can be seen: societies with restricted access to free speech, technology, and education are having a way higher barrier of entry. if we want to honor our goals we should account for that.

everytime we started a discussion around this topic (esp. on this discord) and had calm and productive discussions it became clear that we agree on those goals.i feel like the key to this is an endless, open discussion around these topics and the willingness of the participants to listen and try to emphathise with each other. learning how different living conditions of our international members. i invite evryone to share their thoughts in #core-values-philosophy

find the current manifesto version here:

=== Dao implementation (presented by @FLX) ===

first off there is a very concise article/summary of the DAO discussions here:

the DAO (our soon to be body of governance for the platform) is designed as a system to form decisions via voting and keeping our project decentralised (no “rulers” or “executives”) the so called DAO tokens are basicaklly tokens minted to be spread within the community and used to determine voting power in this process. of course the dao needs a lot of thinking to be set up in a fair and usefl way for us.

there should be systems implemented that make sure that contribution to the platform leads to holding more DAO tokens (?)

the main question is: should we somehow use hDAO tokens that have been fully spread between the hicetnunc users for our DAO and if so how? not everyone who is involved in this community has hDAO and it is also a Token designed and minted for the original hicetnunc. however it is clear that a lot of hDAO holders will want to partcipate in our project after the hicetnunc discontinuation.

one popular idea is to create a new DAO token and make half of the tokens available to hDAO holders. that way we can have a compromise and hDAO holders can swap their tokens for our new DAO tokens to participate in governance

an idea to keep whales (people that have a lot of DAO tokens) from getting to powerful is a quadratic voting system: your voting power is equal to the square root of your tokens - wich means there is basically a cap on how strong you can get by buying tokens - we dont want people with a lot of tokens to rule over the smaller holders and also prevent a scenario were someone just buys 51% of the tokens and basically owns the DAO (quadratic voting would solve that)

nothing is set in stone here and the discussion is expected to go on for some time still, if you are interested in learning more, ask in the #dao-implementation channel.

for transparency people in the chat pointed out that FLX is one of the biggest holders of hDAO currently, which can be verified via teztools: TezTools