Community Meeting 2

Hi Community!

We hope to have a poll set up for date and time of a second community meeting. Will update here when there is a link from the Admins of the discord.

If you would like to volunteer to moderate, take notes or represent a particular topic during the meeting and you have not done so before, this thread is where you should speak up to do so-we would love to encourage new voices. Hopefully in the future we will know the community date and time prior to asking for volunteers so there no sleep deprivation.

We can use this thread to gather topics, poll decision ideas and questions for the meeting. There has been so many moving pieces, decisions being made and forward discussions in different areas of the project, it will be great to have a community discussion and follow ups all together this weekend.

I propose a discussion and/poll on having a well-in-advance weekly community meeting during this transition and enabling rotating community roles to ensure diversity and inclusion following my previous post here: Community Meetings Rotation and SetUp

Further topics to be included:
Updates from community representatives
DAO Implementation
Decentralization-Do we want it?
Legal Issues update

Please contribute to the conversation below so the community can talk together and continue to move forward with better understanding on the directions and decisions they want to be involved in (or not)–this is all an (maybe decentralized) experiment.


I wanna volunteer to moderate the server.

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Other topic ideas

  • Update on voting system and how the community could vote in the near future. Conclusions from hicvote
  • Proposal ideas and how to format proposals
  • Update on code repositories and what’s happening with the code
  • Update on branding discussions
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Sound good! Thanks for volunteering! Perhaps we can discuss further today/tomorrow about anything needed for you.

@gatinhochan here is the agenda for saturday Meeting 2 Agenda - Google Docs

From the Google Doc

Community (HENC) Meeting 2 Agenda / Info

Date & Time: Saturday / Time (12 UTC / shows up in discord #polls automatically)

of votes: 308 / 298

in attendance:

Community Snapshot:

HENC Discord # 2,7654

HENC Twitter # 4,920

Location: Discord

Moderator: gatinhochan

Notes: acrws

  1. Intro to the meeting from moderator (maybe a short intro about you and why you are a community member or something of the like)

  2. Possibly put up some 72 hour discord polls to move forward with the community on the topics discussed here?

  3. Community member 1: jackyang




  1. denscimonk, fraguada & dharmi

  2. Vote timing: making votes take place on a specific day of every week

  3. Update on a voting system and how the community could vote in the near future. Conclusions from hicvote

  4. Proposal ideas and how to format proposals

  5. Update on code repositories and what’s happening with the code

  6. Update on branding discussions



  1. MerchantCoppola

  2. Update on core-values-philosophy


How do we move discussions forward from today?

What are the action items?

Thanks @vncnt
Here is the link to the live doc–hopefully we can continue to update it throughout the meeting and after find a permanent docs space. Could also be good to have a copy so future organizers can copy paste / reuse if useful method.

Meeting 2 Live Doc