Discord RECAP Jan03-Jan07

discord recap from jan03 2022 to to jan07 2022 6.30pm UTC


  • the henvote tool is almost ready for the first of two final voting rounds for the new name. we will soon put the vote live and announce an enddate. a voting test on the mainnet has ben set up to test if everything is working. you can find it here: Teia Community Vote

  • for the vote we collectively wrote a fact sheet which can be used to answer the most common questions and state the hard facts around the vote. if you find anything that you think should be corrected pls let me (@zackundweg#6180 ) know and i can edit it if needed. you can also have a look for a overview on the voting process:
    Info sheet for the naming vote on henvote.xyz for the new platform

  • we also set up a banner for the instances that want to go with the decision of the name to promote the vote once it is set up. you can see a preview of it here: https://6c0647cc.hicetnunc-bdh.pages.dev/
    if you are running an instance of hen currently and want to help promoting the vote, pls get in touch with @pixel10312#9177 to get the banner code. the discussion around the banner happenes here: Discord


  • @Manitcor#8223 provided a list of costs we have to raise in order to keep the instances run by him up: Discord
    (Note that this does not include the costs of the IPFS pinning that is currently covered by the tezos commons foundation. we also have multiple offers to help with IPFS costs/infra, and we will have to decide on a plan of how exactly we manage those costs)



  • a lot of discussion around the DAO proposals was covered in the last writeup and it also seems like the focus of many is to discuss the DAO implementation. while being super important of course, it might be worthwile to also focus on the #org-structure which aims at providing an intermediate decision making process for the nearer future in which we will not have a full DAO body set up (yet) as the DAO process is estimated to take at least half a year from now

i will list some core documents i found around the org structure:

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Thanks @MerchantCoppola for adding this all here!