DISCORD RECAP jan10-jan18

DISCORD recap from jan10 8:30 UT to jan18 8:00 UTC


  • the naming vote is finally live and running. it will continue until 2022-01-25 00:00 UTC. after that, round 2 will start in which the top 2 names will be voted on in a run-off.
    round 1 is happening here: Teia Community Vote

A few clarifications:
1 vote per wallet, not multiple choice
results will be shown after the round is completed
every tez wallet can submit a vote but only votes from wallets active on hen before jan 16 and not banned on hen will be counted. you can review the list of elligible wallets here: https://vote.hencommunity.quest/hen-users-snapshot-16-01-2022.json
The counter on the voting site that indicates the number of votes submitted is lagging behind
you can change your vote while the voting is running by “revoting”

more info: Info sheet for the naming vote on henvote.xyz for the new platform


  • we are currently trying to set up a few twitter spaces to accompany the voting season and are looking for people that want to speak there. the idea is to host spaces in as many different languages as possible. if you want to participate, head to #:coffee:pr-communication

  • it would be cool if everyone could promote the vote as much as possible as the turnout is a very important indicator for us to reaffirm the democratic approach we are taking here and see how many people are interested in the project. the idea was passed around to use the hashtag “#HENCvoted” on twitter.

  • we are also trying to work on a pr strategy to promote our fork once we have a new name and marketplace contract. (eta: 2-2-2022). there is an open doc were we gather ideas: HENC PR - promoting the vision - Google Docs
    initial questions: what sets us apart from other tez marketplaces? what are our aims, …
    share your ideas in #:coffee:pr-communication