DISCORD recap from jan18 8am UTC to jan 25 10am UTC

a lot of progress happened around our community project within the last week. here is some of it:


  • the first of two on-chain voting rounds for our new name is complete: the top two names from this round are SYNQ and TEIA. Those two names will move on to the final run-off round which will determine which name we will use in the future

  • the final run-off round will start on the night between jan25 and jan26 at 00:00 UTC on https://vote.hencommunity.quest/

  • side node: the community has secured a bunch of possible domains for the top 2 voted on names. among those are synq.xyz (purchased by @FLX#8628) and teia.art, we also started saving twitter handles.



  • we are currently discussing an intermediate board of multisig signers. this board will be responsible to send funds and payments to cover infra bills and execute the decisions made by the community. this board will be intermediate and we plan to rotate the holders of the keys. note that these signers are not meant to form financial decisions but will only execute decisions by the communty (find the discussion about that here: Discord)

  • we will start building structures around that multisig board and add layers of new multisig contracts to add more and more aspects of decentralisation to it. you can find the current discussion about that in #org-structure.


  • we are looking for volunteers to help fight copyminting/scamming on our platform. please understand that you need to be an active member of the hicetnunc community in order to qualify for that job as it demands a certain level of resposibility and trust. feel free to say hello in #volunteer and

  • any kind of volunteers are welcomed, please fill out this form so we can add you to the list of volunteers: TEIA Community Volunteers Form