Discord RECAP Nov21-23

discord recap from nov21 1 pm UTC to nov23 9 am UTC

  • mostly the discourse on this discord was mainly focused on the new-name-30-11-2021 voting process:

    • as discussed during the 2nd catch up meeting, round 0 was started to determine if names similar to/derivative of the name “hicetnunc” should be left out of the upcoming voting on names. some people didnt like the wording and the idea of the question. also some argued that some names might not be derivatives even though similar to the name
    • because of this feedback, @denscimonk proposed to set up a “round 0.5” to determine the list of hicetnunc “derivatives” if we reach a soft consensus on wether we should put that up for vote, we can do that. look here: Discord (pls vote thumbs up if you want a round 0.5)
    • today is the last day of round 0 - head over to new-name-30-11-2021 to find info on that and participate, the next rounds will also happen there.
  • the miami NFT art basel sumbissions are closed, (the first 100 people who submittet to one of the 2 forms have been accepted - no curation, hen style) @anikojb is looking for community members to speak at the event. This will be on Wednesday 12/1 at 1pm at in Miami. pls contact @anikojb if interested and available. Discord

  • in multiple channels, people were asking themselves how the old tokens should be displayed/integrated into a rebranded website. and also how we are going to set up new contracts and which contracts we will keep for now. the discussion in :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:general happened here: Discord
    i saw similar discussions from various perspectives in :computer:general-dev, :framed_picture:marketplace-contract , :fish_cake:naming-branding-logo …