Discord RECAP Nov23-24

discord recap from nov23 9am UTC to nov24 11pm UTC

  • round 0 of our voting process on our new name is done. with 465 votes against HEn dervative names against 208 votes for HEN derivative names a consensus has formed around a rebrand that does stay somewhat away from the original hicetnunc name.

  • after a long and heated discussion around round 0 a new round was implemented. round 0.5 (wich is running until 25.11.2021 - 22:00 UTC) is aiming at defining what exactly should count as a “hen derivative” name. we will vote on each name close to the original brand and ask the community to decide which of those should be included in round 1.
    to participate, head here: Discord

  • in :bookmark_tabs:documents-archive people started to archive OBJKTs that defined the history of “hicetnunc” to recollect hen history from multiple points of view. do you have “hen memorabilia” nfts? do you have OBJKTS that you think are defining for hen history? - head there and leave your documents/links/ideas/stories/etc (Discord)

  • @malicioussheep56 finished their works on the new roles system for discord. we now have various roles from a lot of categories (such as skills, gender, subcoimmunity etc) to choose from. this will not only help representation but make it easier to ping people from certain subcommunities or skillsets. head to :vibration_mode::mobile_phone_off:role-reaction-selection to set your roles!

  • the slots for the NFT art basel show in miami organised by oneof and @anikojb are almost gone. there are a few last ones left. if you want to get one, check out this announcement in :date:events-planning Discord

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