Discord RECAPs Nov23-Dec12 (combined recaps)

discord recap from nov24 11pm UTC to nov27 9am UTC

  • round 1 of our naming vote has started in #new-name-30-11-2021 it will narrow the list down to the 30 top names of the whole list.

  • it becomes more and more clear that we need a good evaluation of the chosen names: some names proposed for example are already trademarks, some even belong to political groups. we should be carefully check the names before the next round. ideally we could use a trademark attorney (let the community know if you know one). @ODD JOBS#5077 offered their team for a skilled deep dive into new names in the shortlist (we need to clarify to which extend they can do that: legal/trademark good practice/connecting with experts?) Discord

  • @Manitcor#8223 who is running most of the hen infrastructure raised the question of how we can work out covering infra costs while waiting for the dao.
    we should start thinking about that. @moonhmz#1342 is currently asking around what things we need asap. i.e. a new contract to direct fees to cover the infra costs, a committee of trusted community members to quickly form decisions moving forward, laywers, etc. i would sugfgest discussing this in #:surfing_man:roadmap. this will probably one of the main topics for the next catch up meeting.

  • people are thinking about how to edit the mirrors frontends for transparancy: it would make sense to change the “HEN” logo since the original project is discontinued and add at least a new disclaimer describing that this is a hen fork and who runs it for transparency. (i.e. https://hen.hicathon.xyz/ already has that, others don’t.)
    see this post by @crcdng#8439 (including some statics by @jagracar#1257 ):

  • in #:globe_with_meridians:representatives-nominations the list of representatives for groups and subcommunities is getting close to a v1.0. @esduhh#2518 is asking everyone to check out the doc and help completing to the sheet and help contacting those groups to get in touch with a representative.
    find the doc here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KmunkQFXj3UnkuUeFFiP1cdLStxlaMfmbj2bvNz9d7g/edit?usp=sharing

discord recap from nov27, 9am UTC to nov29, 9am UTC

  • the main topic of choosing the new name has still been in the foreground of most discussions. Voting round 2 has started in #new-name-30-11-2021 to narrow the current list of 30 names down to 10.
    the vote happens here: Discord

  • during the last days, issues have been raised with most names on that list: some are being used by brands withing the cryptospace, some are historically loaded, etc. an focused discussion on that took place in #:fish_cake:naming-branding-logo (Discord) and the main takeaways seem to be

  • we should evaluate the names that will win in round 2 and gather all the issues the names have and if we can or cant use them.

  • if a name is unusable, we should think about modifying it maybe or - a suggestion pretty well received - we could combine name suggestions (i.e. neomnium, syntefact, …)

  • consensus seems to have been that we should extend the deadline for the final name a little bit (i heard 1-2 weeks) to give us time to evaluate and come up with solutions. this would mean that we unfortunately cant have the new name for the nft art basel miami show for which we will have to be represented as something like “hen community” henc" “formely known as hicetnunc”

  • in #:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:general people have been questioning the policy of following back everyone who follows our twitter account. this was introduced shortly after the account was created in order to appear neutral. in the long run, this can lead to problems. possible solutions: following noone, only following community sites (i.e. hiceturco, groups from the #representatives lists), or admins (as a way of communicating to the outside) we need to set up a poll or at least discuss this during our next meeting. this is not the most pressing issue tho.

  • in #:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:general people have been questioning the policy of following back everyone who follows our twitter account. this was introduced shortly after the account was created in order to appear neutral. in the long run, this can lead to problems. possible solutions: following noone, only following community sites (i.e. hiceturco, groups from the #representatives lists), or admins (as a way of communicating to the outside) we need to set up a poll or at least discuss this during our next meeting.

discord summary from nov29 9am UTC to dec02 11pm UTC

  • the voting round 2 on the new name has ended. we now have 10 favorite names chosen by the community. see the results here:
    drop by #:fish_cake:naming-branding-logo to follow the latest discussions on the name

  • most of those names are problematic as they are already used by projects in the crypto space. the team of branding experts coordinated by @ODD JOBS#5077 is now working on a evaluation of the chosen names. they will take a closer look into the branding implications of the names and will propose some variations of the names or combinations to get new unique names out of the chosen ones. find a first update by oddjobs here: Discord

  • in #:framed_picture:marketplace-contract and #:computer:general-dev discussions are still ongoing about the intermediate approach to a community (multisig)wallet to collect fees and donations in and help funding the site for the time we are waiting for the DAO to form. this will be one of the next important challenges for our project going forward.

  • NFT art Basel happens and with it the show by Oneof.com with showcases of former hicetnunc artists that submitted their work. in #:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:general you can find tweets and pictures of the event (might need to scroll a bit): Discord

  • the spreadsheet for the representatives coordinated at @esduhh#2518 in #:globe_with_meridians:representatives-nominations is closing at the end of this week. We are still looking for final. Input on subcommunities and groups that should have a platform and representation in this community. Here is the doc to contribute:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KmunkQFXj3UnkuUeFFiP1cdLStxlaMfmbj2bvNz9d7g/edit?usp=sharing

discord recap from dec02 11pm UTC to dec07 11pm UTC

  • after the NFT art basel miami event, the discord slowed down a bit which is only normal after such intense weeks of rearranging, disruption and party!

  • the collab contract is now live on @Manitcor#8223s hen instances (hicetnunc.art and hen.teztools.io/) - it is now possible to split sales and royalities and authorship on hen: Discord

  • on the #:fish_cake:naming-branding-logo front the team around odd jobs is evaluating our top 10 names list, the deadline for that is friday. the evaluation paper will contain a review of the names in terms of branding and list problematic similarities to names already in use as well as listing some possible abbreviations and combinations of those names. Discord

  • @jagracar#1257 deployed their suggestion for the new (v3) marketplace contract from testnet to mainet to be tested. a new marketplace contract will be one of the most important steps to secure the ownership and the funds to keep the platform running. Discord

  • @FLX#8628 has contact with people from tezos that might like to help us with some funds, we might want to get in touch with them soon.

  • the tez fountain is back on the old discord: https://twitter.com/vjthor/status/1468327918132678671?s=20
    @"THÖR#2245 is thinking about moving the fountain to our new server in the long run, might be cool to start assembling a team to handle the new fountain.

  • a similar topic is the copy-minting blacklist. i saw a lot of people asking to report copy-minters on this discord. at the moment that happens on the old discord. we might want to move that here in the long run

discord recap from dec07 11pm UTC to dec12 1am UTC. special thanks to @stu#1979 for helping me with gathering infos.

  • NAMING: The discussions in #:fish_cake:naming-branding-logo are picking up again: we have to decide how to go about the rest of the voting process. a lot of the 10 names that came out as top names are problematic from a branding standpoint, i.e. because they are already used by bigger crypto projects. that is why we need to get a bit creative again. the branding team around @ODD JOBS#5077 has compiled a presentation on the top 10 names from round 2 of the voting process. in the slides, the evaluated the pros and cons of all the names and proposed variations and combinations of the names so we have possible solutions for the problematic names.
    we now need to decide how the final round(s) of our naming vote should look like: should we exclude legally problematic names? should we hold another voting round on discord before putting a few names up for henvote.

    -take a look here to find the document: Discord

    -and here for further explanation of the process behind the document:

    -and @moonhmz#1342 list of problematic name clashes:

  • NEW MARKETPLACE CONTRACT/MULTISIG: this topic is one of the most urgent ones in order for us to emancipate from the old site and making funding for the platform possible. there has been a lot of work on a proposed new v3 contract by devs (headed by jagracar#1257), with some real world testing of minting, swapping, cancelling happening at the moment.

    • Discussion on how quick implementation can happen be brought up 2 things : new name/url and who would be sigs on the multisig contract/details of how multisig would work.

    • @jagracar#1257 is calling for ppl to participate in mainnet testing (in #marketplace-contract and especially the multisig thread:)

  • EVENT: @diversenftart on twitter is starting a new community event called “#OBJKT4Xmas” which will be held before christmas. for more information have a look here: https://twitter.com/diversenftart/status/1469333717281816576?s=21
    discussion on events should happen in #:date:events-planning .
    we should also think about a dedicated shill channel for objkts around “OBKT4”-events.

  • FOUNTAIN: @"THÖR#2245 has created a #:fountain:fountain channel on this discord for bringing the tez fountain for new artists to this new community discord. if you are interested in helping coordinating and shape the new fountain, head there and say hello!

  • REPRESENTATIVES: v1 of the list of reps is finished. take a look at the list of confirmed/contacted representatives for sub-communities and request changes if needed in #:globe_with_meridians:representatives-nominations or directly to esduhh#2518
    here is the list: Discord

  • CATCHUP MEETING: we should organize another catchup meeting on this discord to discuss the most pressing topics at the moment like, multisig, new marketplace contract, naming discussion, funding our site before DAO, etc. any help in organizing this welcome. @moonhmz#1342 , @malicioussheep56#3843 and thebadlament#1844 started the discussion, lets connect people that want to organize this.