H=N Community Vote

This is a companion discussion topic for the naming vote at https://vote.hencommunity.quest/vote/QmU7zZepzHiLMUme1xRHZyTdbyD4j2EfUodiGJeA1Rv6QQ "We are choosing a new name for the instances of the platform formerly known as “hicetnunc” that are currently run by members of the hen-community (HENC) in order to move forward with development and building of a DAO structure for the platform. There will be a final run-off round with the top two voted names from this list. The run-off vote will also be conducted on-chain on this platform. For more information on the naming and voting process, please take a look at this fact sheet on our Blog: https://hencommunity.quest/blog/on-chain-naming-vote-fact-sheet find a detailed description/background infos on the name options in this PDF document prepared by the HENC branding team: http://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmceWNN7XChs9LqMcE2cYfAKpvTERxSDV8rRoHWv9BgNQ8 What should our community and the hen instances be called? You can vote for your favorite name from a shortlist of 10 names below. ALLEGORA ALTEIA ARTELIUM ARTFXTION HXN INDEX MYCO NEEO ORO SYNQ TEIA"

Voting has ended, the results have been tallied using the following python script: https://vote.hencommunity.quest/naming-vote-tally.py

The two leading choices will move on two round 2:

  1. SYNQ (471 votes, 20.8%)
  2. TEIA (300 votes, 13.3%)

Thank you for your participation, the round 2 vote will be posted and announced shortly.

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Artfxtion :upside_down_face: …?

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Torn in between ARTFXTION and SYNQ. I would love SECRET DATA, but that is my rap name.

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just FYI: the vote count indicating the number of wallets is currently lagging behind.
dont panic if the number doesnt go up when you have submitted your vote.
if the transaction is on the blockchain, it will be counted.

update: it is fixed now! and we are past 1000 votes!

Teia, the first Latin American name in the crypto space! :star_struck:


Voted: NEEO! What a great name! LOOK👇🏼
• Abbreviation and play on Nihil Et Omnia, which means ‘Here and Now’ in Latin
• NEO also means ‘new’ in Latin
• Connection with Hic Et Nunc name history
• Suggestions of growth and movement forward

Lets go ORORORORORORO :slight_smile:

Nihil et omnia would be “Nothing and everything” which is good Latin but not a particularly meaningful idea.

It is ok but means “gold” in Spanish, not particularly happy about that.

teia means spider web in ptbr. :brazil::sparkling_heart::rainbow::tada:

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The count is working again 1116 votes as of now :partying_face:

But you have to consider the look of the name too!
NEEO would make a nice and clean logo which would be eye-catching! ORO too but the meaning of it is a disappointment!

These are my first try for the logo!
neo logo

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TEIA => Tear, Tier :laughing:

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Visually it works fabulous.


I love ORO ! its simple and funny.

those logo explorations are all pretty nice
somehow i fell in love with the last one

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Sem título post
(From brazilian portuguese)
Feminine noun.

From the Latin telam/tela:
Linen fabric, cotton or other material, made in loom.
Set of silk threads segregated by spiders and often regularly arranged: spider web.
(Metaphorical) Meeting of linked actions, such as in a network; plot.
(Metaphorical) Set of situations that occur in a sequence; series.

From the Latin taedam:
Type of lamp, used in open spaces, consisting of a piece of tar-plated wood, used to illuminate.

Synonyms: weave, loom, piece, spider, chain, fabric, cloth, plot, weft, intersection, crossing, tangle of threads, organization, structure

The idea of ​​a connected web can be abstracted into lines and meeting points, intersections. From each point, you can trace any other, in a circular fashion. Therefore, by extension, it can be extended to the meaning of friendship, as the whole cloth is sustained by the interjunction of threads, a community is sustained by the collective efforts, everyone does his/her/their part and is essential to the whole. That fits very well a community who is building with a decentralized approach and that aims to maintain equality by valorizing every individual’s voice.

ARTFXTION is my Favorite out of the list