Masonry Integration Proposal

Hello there lovely Teia community!

I’m here to talk about a well known subject that goes back to the hicathon, where the Ui-UX WG proposed a new form of feed, the so-called Masonry Feed. Unfortunately, together with almost all the other hicathon proposals, the idea didn’t come to reality.

As the time passed and the community evolved, dissolved, giving space for many new projects to take its place. The natural scheme of things was to not just fill the void left by .xyz, but to improve even more what was built. We welcomed the next generation of tezos marketplaces.

What a time to be alive.

One of those new gen marketplaces we see growing more and more is our friend Versum, a project from the guys who actually built a significant part of the .xyz code. One of the greatest points of this platform is that they launched incorporating the Masonry Feed, the feature proposed during hicathon.

And the results are awesome.

I’ve been minting on both Versum and Teia, but I have no reach and engagement as an artist. My twitter community is small and I didn’t have the opportunity to live in a country that values art that much. I tried minting in Hicetnunc many times, but the only collectors were friends I did verbal p2p trades.

So let me give you a quick overview of what happened on Versum, and how the Masonry feed we proposed during the hicathon could help the community to achieve a more democratic, funnier way to attract collectors.

The feed brought collectors.

I never saw before the sale numbers I did on Versum. This may be because of the time an artwork will have displayed in the feed, way longer than the “one objkt” feed.

Masonry gives space for smaller talented artists and a new way to connect people

A help for smaller but talented artists to have a greater space in the feed, not depending totally on outer-chain non democratic tools like twitter or direct p2p sales.

The feed inspire new forms and shapes of arts, a new minting culture

So we can plan many new strategies for minting and selling, such as minting on a specific time of the day, shapes of the NFTs etc.

Although Versum did applied the Masonry Feed, a lot have been learned with the community, because there are things that still could evolve, as the community is still proposing improvements.

To build It we will need to assign a team of designers and a team of front end devs. Also a discussion around the subject will be necessary so we can build something truly unique and original for the Teia Community.

For a new platform, a new year and a new generation, my proposal is not only to implement masonry, but to create new forms to connect people. Artists, collectors, fans, all types of users, to enhance their bounds between themselves in the platform.

Do you agree with this Improvement? Let me know.

Thank you all.

our hicathon sketches:
(more at

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This feature was one of the most desired by people when we were talking. We suggested this solution, but it was always postponed because of other more important work, such as broken history.

I def would like to see the masonry feed implemented, at least its basic format with only one feed. However, with more advanced implementation we can apply filters there.


Hey, I wonder where shall we begin with it, and how to create that development cycle.

We could define a coulpe of sprints for the devs.
We could also start thinking about how to reward them, at least until we don’t have our own community contract fees ready to use. A donations campaign?

Let’s continue working in our documents, I reorganised the structure for Teia, but design system is still there and old designs archived.
“In progress” is the place for working.


We can start working there on the masonry suggestions already, while older PRs are under review and development.