Proposal: hen-community GitHub organization

To create a a GitHub organization for the hen-community. This organization would manage the code repositories, as well as other repos for versioned documents.

Alternatively, the original hicetnunc2000 org could include more members.


Can you please make the members in the hen-community GitHub organization public?


@christopheradams Do you know how to do that? :sweat_smile:

Did you create the hen-community GitHub organization?

Each member has to navigate to the organization’s People tab and change their visibility to public.

I did.
Ok. I made myself public, but can’t do that for other people. I’ll request they do so in discord. Thanks for the suggestion.

Who should be a member etc can be discussed if this goes fwd. This is more to discuss if this should happen at all.

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Ok, cool! Good effort, this helps build trust. (I just caught up on the Discord dev channel)