Voices of a collector and hDAO holder

Dear HicEtNunc community,

My name is Felix, go by FLX on HEN and Discord. I am a loyal collector on HEN with 3,000 artworks, supported hundreds of artists, and one of the top 12 collectors by spending. I love HEN.


I have a curated list of artists on HEN - https://twitter.com/felixmxu/status/1452662080805355520, and wrote several pieces in multiple languages about HEN - https://twitter.com/felixmxu/status/1451078372994347011 (Chinese), about HEN tools - https://twitter.com/felixmxu/status/1451492442759327748 (Chinese). Please give them a read. I compiled the two, and added new content in collaboration with @poppel into a long unpublished article (Chinese + English) - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tnXDE8R41h2sT2qf4VRQ5h55Bk0jFjxn8pE9HE7nAIc/edit?usp=sharing

I love HEN because of the community. While I collected NFT as early as CrypoKitties in 2017, and got involved with Foundation during its launch in early 2021, I do not feel the sense of belonging there.

HEN is like a secret paradise for me after work. I feel myself fulfilled when I “collect” an artwork. “Collect” should be better described as “admire”. Not too long ago, I learned about Rafael’s story of founding HEN, and I believe I finally found my cause of being in crypto - to support the under-represented creators.

By status quo, I am a successful crypto startup founder. But I always feel something is not right about DeFi. DeFi is just more techy way to do finance, to make the rich richer. And I hate it.

I collect on HEN because I want to help more people to enter NFT space, to see the potential, and someday we can proudly say digital is nothing short from reality! I discussed that with @lennyjpyg here https://twitter.com/felixmxu/status/1452312269547769859 - “But digital art was ignored for sooo long, most of us are still confused and traumatized and poor. So we take literally any validation or money we can get, no questions asked.”

I want to change that fact, no matter how insignificant I am.

Speaking of hDAO, I bought in hDAO 100% on secondary market, and never sold even 1 of them. I bought in hDAO as I want to be more engaged with community governance, and also see the value of HEN as a platform, along with everything I love about HEN.

I believe in decentralization, and I try to live and breath in it. I think proper governance will lead to prosperity of the platform, and bring unity among artists, collectors under the same vision - a vision Rafael created but unable to continue. With decentralized governance, we carry it.

The old HEN was never decentralized, nor properly compensating for devs and volunteers. DAO was never put in place to govern all parameters and platform fee was never managed properly. Those are facts and we have to be honest with it. Rafael was a great founder, even a great man for NFT art movement in many places. However, we cannot live in inconsistency, and now the new HEN has grown beyond its starting point.

I am a firm believer of economics principles. If DAO manages something valuable, the token should be valuable. There is nothing to argue about it. If voting power has zero economic value, no one will care and the governance will end up be just like the old HEN.

If we put down all the bias, distrust and doubt, give a careful read of the detailed discussion in Discord #DAO channel, or in the forum - The hic et nunc DAO implementation discussion - #29 by FLX. There are amazing designs made by @TaoZao @tezexplorer @Infinity, @FLX and many others.

Cheers, to the new HEN!



I’m very different from @FLX. I didn’t even own any crypto before joining the NFT scene this April. Around mid-April, two of the artists I’ve interviewed (I write for media outlets part-time) before who were (and still are) on HEN asked me to give HEN a try, and oh boy what a journey it has been!

I’ve been reporting and introducing HEN to Chinese speakers globally since May, and constantly trying to get artists on board. I’m currently writing a new article to tell the story of HEN for a media outlet based in Singapore/Hong Kong. I would do these writings even when nobody pays me to do so, because HEN is just so damn different from all the other NFT markets and I want more people to know it. I’ve met so many talented artists with varied backgrounds on HEN that I have not encountered anywhere else in my life.

I know that some artists are concerned about this DAO thing, and some do not care about it at all. What I want to say is: DAO token holds value, sure, but it is not just about money, it’s a material that people who are largely underrepresented in life can really grasp on (often for the first time), and make their voices heard by voting with these tokens. I’m no expert on tokenomics nor DAO (and I didn’t care that much about it before NFT), I can only try to understand the mechanisms and systems proposed by @TaoZao @FLX @tezexplorer @Infinity , et al. with a little bit of common sense, and with knowledge from day to day self-learning on the subject. Though not understanding every single detail, they mostly make sense to me. If their proposals sound suspicious or biased, feel free to join the community’s discord and let people hear your opinions.

May the glorious days of HEN are yet to come.