[Vote Discussion] Mutual OBJKT Token swap support between Versum and Teia

Versum.xyz will soon be indexing and showing OBJKT tokens, meaning Tokens minted on Hic Et Nunc/Teia/hic.af will appear on Versum and users will be able to swap/list these on Versums own marketplace contract. Fees from trades through the Versum marketplace contract will then go towards Versum.

The “swap” refers to the action of listing a Token on a marketplace contract, and the Price attached to it.

This means there will be four major marketplace contracts that offer objkt tokens swapping:

  • The hicetnunc v2 marketplace contract (currently used by hic.af and hicetnunc.miami for new swaps)
  • objkt.com’s non-custodial OBJKT swap contract
  • The Teia marketplace contract
  • Versum’s marketplace contract (coming soon)

The VersumTeam approached Teia with the idea of supporting each others swaps, like Teia already does with Objkt.com: On Teia, users would be able to see and collect from all current marketplace swaps (mentioned above) and swaps done on teia would be visible on teia, versum and objktcom, which would bring more utility and visibility to teias swaps and OBJKT tokens. On the other hand it would give Versums OBJKT swaps the same utility/visibility as Teia swaps.

For more info on the topic of swap integration, read this Article about web3 funding and the economics of marketplace fees

Note: This is only about indexing listing prices/swaps of OBJKT Tokens (OBJKT tokens are NFTs minted on the hicetnunc smart contracts/collection. For example minted on Teia, Hic Et Nunc, Hic.af, hicetnunc.miami). This vote is NOT about Teia showing ITEM tokens minted on Versum.

Please feel free to share your feedback/thoughts/ideas in this Thread!
We will soon set up the vote on wether the community wants the muual marketplace swap support between Versum and Teia.