[Vote Discussion] Total supply of Teia DAO Tokens


We are currently in the proto-DAO phase (Phase01) of the Teia DAO, where a multisig of 19 core team members is responsible for and the legal owner of the Teia DAO LLC.

For the upcoming Phase02, we will move to a truly community-owned DAO that is defined by token ownership for the most part. For this, we will start distributing the governance tokens via a token claim page based on the following criteria:

  • Activity: Interaction with Teia’s and/or Hic et Nunc’s marketplace contracts. this is by far the biggest criteria.
  • hDAO conversion: to 1:1 Teia DAO token reward
  • Contribution: to Teia and Hic et Nunc
  • Additional voting reward for participating in this community vote about the overall token supply.

This community vote will determine the fixed overall supply of Teia DAO Tokens that will be minted

cast your vote here on vote.teia.art

Importance of this Vote

hDAO has a fixed supply of 650k tokens and we want to give 1 Teia DAO Token for every hDAO Token. This means that the higher the total supply of Teia DAO Tokens, the smaller the percentage of hDAO reward will be (”dilution of hDAO”).

The question of how much power hDAO (former HicEtNunc token) holders should hold has been discussed controversially without a clear consensus, therefore we ask the community to decide on the total supply via this community vote.

Further reading

Before you vote

Please take a look at the token distribution tables linked below for the three voting options and see how the different token supplies influence the list. The token drop fact sheet explains each distribution parameter. You can search for your wallet by hitting [ctrl]+[f] and entering your wallet address into the search bar.

Did we miss you?

If you have contributed substantially to hicetnunc and/or Teia and didn’t get a “contribution_level” of 1 or 2 in row E of the sheets, contact us at info@teia.art and describe your contribution. We will discuss additions to the contributors list among the core team before setting up the actual token drop. The tables are ordered by the total_amount column; The higher a wallet on the list, trhe more token it can claim.

The Voting Options

Please vote between the following options for the total supply of Teia DAO Tokens:

For a detailed overview of what the rows in the distribution tables mean, take a look at this section of the Token drop fact sheet on our blog

Note that the exact amounts in these tables might change for the final distribution: There will be an additional 50k tokens distributed between participants of the vote . Also, the data might get updated for the actual token distribution, but these tables should give a very good preview of the token distribution.

Who can vote

Wallets that are either going to get more than 1 Teia token and/or have at least three active days on Teia.
The list was created with these criteria on the snapshot date of May 17th, 2023.

The exact json list of wallets elligible to this community vote can be found here on IPFS

Vote here

As mentioned above, there will be additional token rewards for all wallets that participate in the vote on total token supply to promote taking part in building the Teia DAO.

You will be able to cast your vote here on vote.teia.art (click here) until June 27th 2023