WRITEUP/RECAP for the 3rd catch-up meeting Sunday, Dec19, 12PM UTC and discord recap until 20th of dec

Catchup meeting summary
Sunday, Dec19, 12PM UTC
(acting also as discord recap until 20.12. to 6 pm UTC)

find the full minutes by acrwrs#4580 here:CommunityMeeting03_formerH=N_Dec19 - Google Docs


the discussion on the new name had a clear general direction: most people want to get the naming of our platform done ASAP.

  • a proposed deadline for announcing the new name is 1st of jan 2022.

  • we have a list of around 30 names that have been audited/recombined by the branding team around ODD JOBS (find current version here: Discord) and passed the checked by crypto branding lawyer @limkuan#8096 (their statements can be found here: Discord)

  • we have around 30 names on that list. the henvote system that stores votes on the blockchain and is independend from third parties like discord can only handle max 10 options so we need to have one last round of shrinking the list before taking the vote there.

  • we need to decide a roadmap for the voting. in the meeting we discussed 3 possible models for the las voting rounds. three possible models for the final vote have been discussed:

model 1 (simple majority wins):
round 1: the ≈ 30 names from the branding teams list (and lawyers evaluation) put up for a vote on discord - the top 10 names from that round move on to round 2.
round 2: those 10 top names get voted on via HENvote (on-chain) - the most voted name wins

model 2 (middle ground):
round 1: the ≈ 30 names from the branding teams list (and lawyers evaluation) put up for a vote on discord - the top 5 names from that round move on to round 2.
round 2: those 5 top names get voted on via HENvote (on-chain) - the most voted name wins

model 3 (run-off model):
round 1: the ≈ 30 names from the list put up for a vote on discord - the top 10 names from that round move on to round 2.
round 2: those 10 top names get voted on via HENvote (on-chain) the 2 most voted on names from the vote move on to round 3.
round 3: we do a runoff of the top 2 names on henvote - the most voted on name from these wins

if you want to support one of those voting models, react to this post please: Discord when we set up the vote (very soon) we will go with the most reacted for model

  • @JulioGlatt#5127 who developed most of original hens branding is on this discord and is willing to help us on the logo/branding side. people in the chat suggested to already start investigating into the logos of the names of the voted names so we can have a logo asap after the name is decided


DENSCIMONK talked about the current state of the new (v3) marketplace contract. First off a clearification about the contracts: the minting contract and the swapping (marketplace) contract are two separate things, we are only working on the swapping contract for now, which means we continue the hen OBJKT numbers as long as we keep the old minting contract.
the marketplace contract is the mechanism that is responsible for delegating the money of trades on the platform, which means it will also delegate the fees on objkt sales to our community. the current contract (v2) is coded to delegate the (currently) 1% fees to rafael lima and only he can change that as he is the admin of that contract. our new contract will delegate the fees to our community owned multisig wallet which will be controlled by multiple people of the community team (core team probably).
at the moment the v3 contract is in the testing phase. the tezos foundation will help us with the audit which is a big advantage for us: the new contract needs to be secure to avoid event like the hen exploid in june '21 which caused the need to reswap all objkts to the v2 contract that fixed the security issue.
with the v3 contract we dont necessarily need a reswap for all objkts because v2 contract doesnt have security issues. but we need a strategy to get as many people to swap onto v3 contract because only trades through the v3 contract will provide us with the platform fees and help us fund our platform.
the current idea is to adjust the UI so that new swaps will only be swapped onto v3 if swapped through our platform. old swaps will be shown and tradedable. ORDERANDCHAOS pointed out that the v2 contract has the low fee of 1% currently which could keep people from swapping onto v2 (i.e. through tools or other instances) and suggested to make objkts swapped onto v2 after we realease v3 not tradeable on our platform.
others pointed out that they expect most artists to help us and swap onto v3 to help the community. in that regard @111v1ab#2572 pointed out that a PR strategy is important to make people aware that the fees of v3 go back into the community.
for further questions it would be best to ping @jagracar#1257 in #:framed_picture:marketplace-contract as he is the main developer of the contract.


@thebadlament#1844 , @malicioussheep56#3843 and @Dharmi#6364 are currently working on a budget overview to gather info on how much budget we need to keep the platform running. We opened a discord channels for the working group on finances: #:currency_exchange:budget-and-finance. currently @Manitcor#8223 is running the site on his own behalf so we need the new contract to at least compansate him for that.


@"THÖR#2245 (not available in the meeting) restarted the fountain ton our discord. the fountain is a working group that helps providing new artists with a small amount of tez to start minting. there is a suggestion of using a little bit of the platform fee to go back into the fountain to help onboarding new artists. (Channel: #:fountain:fountain )


  • in general people feel the need for us to do more outside-of-discord communication to make it clear that hen is not dead and that we are moving on with our project. at the moment twitter is operated by a handful of discord admins on the side (SOMATICBITS as admin, and MUMU , @thebadlament#1844 and MERCAHNTCOPPOLA (…) via tweetdeck) if we want to improve our PR we need a dedicated working group for PR strategies and handling.

  • on that note, a few general links for ouside communication for discussions/proposals outside of discord we all should use to have infos on less insular places trhan discord:

    -our notion page where the most important infos, links and our roadmap can be openly viewed: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

    -our community forum: https://discourse.teia.art/categories

    -we also have the github page for the more tech side and transparency: https://github.com/hen-community

  • There is a OBJKT4OBJKT event happening at the moment. https://twitter.com/diversenftart/status/1469333717281816576?s=21 events like these can help us bringing back people that are in doubt of the platforms future.


  • As stated above, there is a lot of work that needs to be delegated to volunteer contributors and also we need to set up full time paid roles. A lot of people don’t know what they can do to help. to delegate the work we created the channel #:clipboard:volunteer-opportunities where people can go and ask/discuss how they can help. 111v1ab#2572 volunteered to help organize this.

  • we need to better organize discussions in order for them to not go in circles or getting set back instead of just throwing opinions into chat channels it would be better having people who want to see changes/present ideas as written up proposals. maybe a discord channel or a topic in our forum could help here.

we talked about the need of a core team that can make decisions without voting on every single thing in order for us to move on with the project. this topic relates to the upcoming multisig: we need to have a team in charge for the period that we dont have a functioning DAO in place. i.e. in order to grant funds from the tezos foundation. Questions: How do we appoint those team members?

  • @denscimonk#4770 has posted a written proposal of a core team model: Discord

  • discussion about this should happen (and does already) in #org-structure Discord


  • we have a DAO proposal from the #:butterfly:dao-implementation group NewDAO - Google Docs
    but nothing is set in stone yet. in general the ideas seem to crystallise and there’s a few specifics that need to be discussed.

  • esduhh#2518 wrote up a proposal to include the representatives in the decision making in order to secure representation and diversity

  • In general people agreed that for a more productive discussion, we need flashed out written proposal documents (forum posts, google docs, pdfs etc) rather than discord mssgs so we can discuss these complex questions productively and the documents can be shared better outside of discord. a few people stated they want to work on written proposal about the DAO and share them soon.

  • some points raised in chat: Sutan#0381 suggested that representatives could act as a gremium (maybe like a supreme court) that keepts the governing body in check rather: (Discord), @pyglot#1496 added the idea that we could separate the DAO from being only the organisation of one platform but rather the organisation in control of multiple platforms so we dont need to build one plaftform that fits all needs. (Discord)

some people expressed their frustration with the ways some discussions (esp. the naming discussion) have been moving in circles with not much progress and the fact that the discord seems to lose activity by the day. many expressed that they think people will lose interest in the project and move on to the other tezos platforms if we dont get to move on. a opinion stated multiple times is that we should not discuss everything and cling to consensus and instead be daring and move on.
the main hindering seems to be that we dont have a decision making body to avoid discussing/voting on every single thing.
On the other hand people pointed out that we have made some good progress esp. in the dev department: we are already testing the new marketplace contract, we have contact with the tezos foundation, the collab contract is already live … maybe the slow branding process distracts from the progress we are making.

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Hey all, Notetaker here. The document is dated wrong: I corrected it in the Google doc. It should be: Sunday, Dec 19, 12PM UTC (not Nov 19).

We chose model 3 (runoff)
the discord voting round has just started here:
iscord channel #new-name-01-01-2022 under this post: Discord